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Storytellers of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs will gather to share and hear the Unspoken Battles of survival & healing. The art of storytelling will be rejuvenated and led by best-selling author, Chauncey McGlathery. You don't want to miss this opportunity to share your journey and to listen to others' authentic narratives! ...oh and let's not forget, music will be provided by DJ Donopoly! 


Get your ticket and get ready to share yours!

Get your ticket and get ready to hear someone else's!

Storytelling Soundtrack


"The inner work is the revolution, too."

faith (2)

Are you healing from a sickness?


Did you overcome a tragic event with your sibling?

faith (1)

Are you feeling on your own or abandoned?

faith (3)

Have you stopped running from fear?


Did you regain your faith after a disconnection in your belief?

 Scales of Justice

Did you fight the system or has it fought you?